About Seneca County

May 23, 2019

Seneca County’s first recorded citizen was Erastus Bowe, who began his residence in what is now Tiffin, Ohio, in November 1817. Mr. Bowe had been in the U.S. Army during the War of 1812, during which time he had helped with the construction of Ft. Stephenson and Ft. Ball. Fort Stephenson, constructed in 1812, was located on the Sandusky River at a location then known as Lower Sandusky, later to be named Fremont, in Sandusky County. Fort Ball, completed in July of 1813, was erected on the west banks of the Sandusky River at a point, which today is the foot of Miami Street Tiffin, Ohio. The first post office in Seneca County was located in Oakley in February 1820. The first Methodist Church was organized March 1829 at Fort Seneca. The first railroad through Seneca County, the Mad River & Lake Erie, connecting Tiffin with Sandusky, was opened in 1841. Heidelberg College was founded and located in Tiffin in 1850 and the third co-educational college in the United States. Tiffin University was founded and located in Tiffin in 1888.

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