Never Forget: Tiffin's 9/11 Memorial, Nineteen Years Later

September 09, 2020

As we reflect back on the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centers, the Pentagon, and the sacrifice made by Flight 93, we encourage a visit to the Tiffin Police and Fire All Patriots Memorial during this nineteenth year anniversary.

The All Patriots Memorial, located at Washington and Water streets near downtown Tiffin, features a beam from the World Trade Center. It pays tribute to those who were affected by the terrorist attacks on 9/11 and memorializes those who were killed in the line of duty while serving in the city’s police and fire departments.

In August 2011, Tiffin was selected to receive a beam from the Trade Center. Local police, firefighters, and community members raised $375,000 for the creation of the memorial, which dedicated on September 9, 2012.

When you visit this memorial, take note of the symbolism of the monument and the area.

The seventeen and a half feet long, over 3 ton beam sits at a 9.11 degree angle on a monument shaped like a Pentagon, containing an opening where the attack took place. Inscribed on the beam is the number M-18, which was the investigator’s identification number. On the monument, the words “Never Forget” are inscribed, along with the names of Tiffin Police and Fire who have fallen in the line of duty.

Behind the memorial, a Callery pear tree represents the Survivor Tree from New York City. The Survivor Tree sustained damage during the attack, was rescued from the rubble, and replanted at the new World Trade Center site.

The post to the rear of the monument is inscribed with the words ‘In memory of Flight 93’ and sits 40 inches high, representing each of the passengers and crew lost in Shanksville, PA. The dirt mound behind it represents Flight 93’s crash site.

The United States flag, National Fallen Police flag, and the National Fallen Firefighters flag fly at the memorial as well.

The site is now used for memorial services during local and national tragedies and as a teaching tool to our younger generations.

When visiting the memorial, parking can be found across the street. View more of our war memorials and historical monuments here

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