Ralph's Joy of Living celebrates one year with Olivelle products

Ralph's Joy of Living celebrates one year with Olivelle products

September 28, 2020

Spice up your life with the Olivelle line of products sold at Ralph's Joy of Living in Tiffin!

Ralph and Evelyn Smothers opened Ralph's Appliances in 1950, first selling washers and dryers, then moving to refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, and microwaves. When Ralph II joined then in 1985, the business was moved to its current location and they added kitchen design services and cabinetry. As Ralph II's wife Julie came on board, they were able to add cooking classes and kitchenware, along with expanding Ralph's Appliances to Fremont. In 2003, Ralph's Joy of Living added their expansive wine collection, making them the only appliance store in the country with a liquor license.

In October of last year, Julie Smothers said they started offering the Olivelle vinegars and oils.

Olivelle was founded in 2006 as a specialty food retail store in Bozeman, Montana and now offer over 100 high quality products such as olive oils, vinegars, spice blends, and artisanal salts, all focused on creating great tasting food with ease.

In looking for another expansion, Smothers said they were at first hesitant, but when the Olivelle brand met all their needs and wants, it was obvious they had to expand.

"Olivelle has everything we wanted. They took care of us," she said. "It was the missing link."

Smothers said the olive oils are very popular in larger cities, and right now, their store is the only place to get the Olivelle brand in a ninety mile radius. Originally starting with just one oil and one vinegar, Ralph's now offers over forty casks of flavor infused oils and balsamic vinegar with the Olivelle brand.

The casks are vacuum sealed and never exposed to air or light, keeping the oils and vinegars at the highest quality.

Flavors that can be found at the Tiffin and Fremont stores include toasted sesame, jalapeno lime, sweet cream butter, and more.

Smothers said that caramelized garlic is their most popular, and using the oils is as easy as exchanging butter or already existing oil in a recipe.

Ralph’s offers a bottle exchange program with different sized bottles in which to take home your oil & vinegar: 100 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL, or 750 mL. When you are finished with your bottle, bring it back in and get a cleaned and sanitized bottle for free.

Ralph's also provides recipes using the Olivelle oil, vinegar, and spice blends both online or at the store when you make your purchase.

Those interested in tasting the Olivelle products can when visiting the store. Ralph's Joy of Living has two locations: 33 North Washington Street, Tiffin and 113 South Front Street, Fremont.

While you're planning your visit, look for additional details regarding their formal celebration of their anniversary in the near future!

For more information on Ralph’s Joy of Living, visit their website. For more information on the newest products they sell from Olivelle, visit their website.


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