Go back in time at the Friends of the Old Northwest Rendezvous

Marisa Stephens June 08, 2021

Go back in time at the Friends of the Old Northwest Rendezvous

Everyone is invited to take a break from present-day life and go back about 200 years.  Step through this portal of time by visiting the Friends of the Old Northwest Rendezvous. 

The Friends of the Old Northwest Rendezvous is a living history event that will take place from Saturday June 26th, 2021 to July, 1st 2021 at Miller Conservation Farm with operating hours from 10am - 4pm.  Visitors will be able to get a taste of life as it was lived when pioneers settled in Seneca County and Northwest Ohio.  You can spend a few hours walking the nature trails that Miller Conservation Farm has to offer, explore the nature area of Seneca Conversation District's Proving Ground Farm, and make your way back to an encampment of white canvas tents and the smell of campfires. 

The Friends of the Old Northwest gather once a year to live a primitive lifestyle for ten days and travel from around the country and surrounding areas to participate.  This is the first time the Rendezvous will be hosted in Seneca County and will feature anywhere from 50 to 60 camps.  In addition to being able to ask questions about life pre 1840, visitors will also be able to witness archery, candle making, hawk and knives, shooting, and a blacksmith at work.  Participants will also be cooking at their camps, have hand-made furniture and candles available for purchase, and be dressed in the attire from that era. 

There is no cost to attend this living history event, but donations are accepted to help cover the costs of the event.  All are welcome, so be sure to go back in time while you can! 

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