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July 02, 2021

Ever heard the suggestion to "grab a DORA drink," or seen a sign that states "DORA accepted here," and wondered what it is all about? 

We are here to help!  This is DORA 101 and your guide to staying refreshed in Downtown Tiffin. 

DORA stands for Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area and allows patrons of liquor-permitted establishments within the DORA boundaries to possess a specifically marked open container within the designated area.  The DORA allows beverages everyday from 11am - 11pm and boundaries span from the American Legion on S. Washington St. to Fort Ball Pizza Palace on N. Washington St.  The only open container allowed will be the designated, specially marked DORA cup purchased from a participating establishment, and a DORA cup cannot be brought into another liquor licensed establishment.  Non-liquor licensed establishments are able to accept DORA drinks within their business if they wish. You can look for the DORA stickers on the doors of businesses to determine if they will accept DORA drinks or not.

Tiffin (and soon to be Fostoria!) is one of several communities in the state of Ohio that has implemented a DORA program, with that list continuing to grow.  You can grab a DORA drink from the following establishments... 

    • American Legion
    • Bear's Den 
    • The Chandelier Community Event Center
    • Clover Club
    • Fort Ball Pizza Palace
    • The Empire at 138
    • GW's Fine Food and Spirits
    • The Laird Arcade Brewery
    • Madison Street Tavern 
    • Reino's Pizza & Pasta
    • The Renaissance of Tiffin 
    • The Ritz Theatre
    • The Tiffin Elks
    • The Viaduct 

The City of Tiffin reminds residents to be mindful of the boundaries. If someone with a DORA cup goes beyond the boundaries, it is considered an open container violation and they can get fined. The same goes for the program’s hours — if you have a DORA drink beyond the 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. hours, it is also considered an open container violation.

So stop in, grab a DORA drink, and take a stroll downtown.  Enjoy! 

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