A New Kind of Par-TEA in Seneca County

January 04, 2023

Dating back to the 1840s in Europe, the tradition of afternoon tea was started as a way to fill the gap between two large meals usually had by Europeans during the day. It started with taking a pot of tea and some light treats to hold off being too hungry before dinner and then turned into a social occasion between friends and invited guests. As the tradition moved West into the United States, it was adapted to the cultural norms of the developing colonies. Once mimicking the customs of the aristocracy overseas, the United States has put its own spin and definition to modern day "Afternoon Tea", while keeping many of the traditions and rituals alive and well. 

One main benefit of a Tea Party is the power of connection and being present that comes with it. The chaos and distractions that accompany us most of our days were not as present around the time of origination of afternoon tea and the development of "Tea PArties" that followed. Imagine being able to get back to a simpler time, enjoy a beverage and some treats, all while being able to connect with those who have joined you for the experience. You can adorn a fancy hat and gloves if you wish, but following along with the history, etiquette, and being in the moment is the brand new kind of Par-TEA that is sweeping across Seneca County. 


Say hello to Tea Time Tiffin! Tea Time Tiffin was started by Tabitha Kirsch and she is using her passion for history alongside her vintage tea set collection to spread the joy of "tea time." Tabitha has been collecting tea sets and vintage china for years. She started having Tea Time in her home with friends and family and it got popular among her social circle and something that was sought after and looked forward to. Eventually someone asked to use some of her tea set items at a bridal shower while also being approached to host and lead a public tea party at a wedding venue for guests to attend. After seeing the success of both of those ventures, Tea Time Tiffin was born and on its way to becoming an experience that can be enjoyed by anyone! 

You can experience Tea Time Tiffin in a few different ways. The first is through a public tea party, which features different themes and unique locations. You purchase a ticket and are joined by others who are just as excited as you are to share in the experience of the tea party. Some examples of upcoming public tea parties include an Alice Wonderland Tea Party, a Downton Abbey Tea Party, a World War II Tea Time Experience, a Golden Girls Tea Party, and special holiday tea parties like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, just to name a few! You can see a full list of upcoming events here. If you are looking to throw your own party, you can also rent everything you will need to throw a beautiful tea party and even book Tabitha for private events where she will guide guests in an etiquette lesson and make sure your special occasion is exactly what you are looking for! Check out available packages and book your rental here.  


The newest way you can experience Tea Time Tiffin is by visiting the Vintage Tea Room, located inside JAM's Monthly Markets! The historical practice of sitting down for Tea Time was an elegant way to just be in the moment. The Vintage Tea Room will send you back in time so you can experience the same luxury anytime during a JAM's Monthly Markets weekend, every 3rd weekend of the month throughout the year. A few things that make this Vintage Tea Room unique and different when compared to others include the featuring of tea blends from local Tiffin businesses, the use of fine china from the 1960s or earlier to honor the authentic vintage aspect of the Tea Room, the teaching of an etiquette lesson, and the sitting down for tea with Tabitha and other guests making it a true social occasion! Reservations are encouraged and can be made here, but walk ins are also welcome! 


Take advantage of this wonderful new experience and understand why the tradition of Tea Time has stood the test of time. Grab some friends and meet some new ones, it's time to Par-TEA! Learn more at teatimetiffin.com and follow them on social media, @teatimetiffin

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