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May 02, 2023


While you will no longer feel the rumbling of an approaching train for passenger pick up, you can still enjoy the beautiful architecture and restored space that is the Tiffin Train Depot. The Tiffin Train Depot was built in 1862 and served as one of six passengers depots throughout the Tiffin area.

Seneca County experienced a real estate boom as a result from the rail lines running through the county. While the Mad River and Lake Erie Railroad changed ownership over the many decades, in 1892 the railroad went under the control of of the Big Four Railroads (Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, and St. Louis). The Big Four operated the Mad River and Lake Erie Railroad along with the bustling depot until the railroad began failing to make a profit. In 1938, services between Berwick and Sandusky, which included Tiffin, were ended. 

After the depot was no longer serving as a passenger pick up, it became part of the Fort Ball-Railroad Area Historic District that is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. While a CSX rail line still carries dozens of freight trains past the old depot each day, the end of passenger service left the sturdy brick structure to be used for other purposes. For a time after the passenger trains left, the building was used to store coal by the Fisher Coal Supply Co. The structure fell into despair after it was no longer used after 1938 for passengers and even more so that by the time the 1960s hit, the building was largely abandoned and was serving as a storage space.  



In 2002, the Train Depot saw hope for a new life when Larry Breidenbach purchased the property and began restoring it to save a piece of the neighborhood's transportation history. Since then, he has poured countless hours and dollars in restoring what was once the heart of Tiffin. The Tiffin Train Depot now adorns two Ohio Historical Markers, one for the depot itself and the other for the Mad River and Lake Erie Railroad alongside a Tiffin Historic Trust Preservation Award. 

Larry's passion for bringing the once ornate structure back to life began with painting, a new roof, and cleaning up the space. In addition to that, the windows were replaced allowing for beautiful natural light to cascade into the building, evergreen trees donated by the City of Tiffin landscape the grounds, and an eight foot waterfall that flows down rocks into a pond in the front of the depot was added.  


You may not be boarding a train any longer when you step on the depot grounds, but you will feel transported to a space of beauty, peace, and gathering. The Tiffin Train depot now serves as the perfect place to host special events and group gatherings such as weddings, parties, showers and more. The gorgeous and well kept landscaping serves as the perfect backdrop for photos of every occasion. The Tiffin Train Depot is located at 65 North Monroe Street in Tiffin, OH and can be reserved by messaging the official Facebook page! 

It's time to go to the trains, well the train depot that is. Start admiring and exploring this hidden gem that awaits you in Seneca County! 

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