Secrets of Seneca County Historical Driving Tour | Stemtown Historical Museum

Secrets of Seneca County Historical Driving Tour | Stemtown Historical Museum

April 01, 2024

Embark on a captivating journey through the wondrous past of Seneca County, Ohio, with the Secrets of Seneca County Historical Driving Tour! The next stop on the journey is: Stemtown Historical Museum (111 South Kansas Street, Green Springs, Ohio 44836Stop #2)

The existing building was erected in 1868 on the George Zimmerman property, two miles northwest of Green Springs. By January 1894, the Evangelical young people created sentiment for the moving of their country church into town. These efforts were rewarded, and the result was that on November 25, 1894, the church building was dedicated in its present location on South Kansas Street.

As the new century got underway, the building proved to be too small, so it was enlarged and rededicated on April 5, 1908. The 1938 church yearbook recorded that a January 4th action of the board approved the commencement of work on some extensive church repairs. By the end of January 1938, work was started, and extensive and much needed improvements and repairs were made, including a new and commodious basement. On Sunday, June 26, the re-opening day, in spite of a heavy downpour of rain, people gathered for morning and afternoon services, with a fine dinner in the basement at noon.

From January to almost April, the men did a great piece of work, in the volunteering of labor. Some brought teams, tractors and other tools. By actual figures over $1,000 was saved in this way. The ladies’ part came last, but it was far from being least in importance. As soon as the plasterers moved out, the ladies moved in. They thoroughly cleaned the floors, furniture, and woodwork. They varnished all the woodwork and the chairs, and they polished all the pews.
Besides those who presented memorials, there were many who gave gifts of money. The work was started with two bequests totaling $1,500. Then our own people cooperated, some giving very generously, to pay for this work. A total of $4,500 in actual cash was spent on this work. Documents show that as of January 19, 1939, the remaining balance owed for the work was only $665.39.

The Calvery United Methodist Church unfortunately closed its doors and was decommissioned Sunday, June 26, 2022. Fortunately, in August 2023, Stemtown Historical Society purchased and moved into the decommissioned Calvary United Methodist Church through the generous donation from Bud and Maxine Rutherford. The museum and historical society decided to use the name Stemtown because the village was called that at one time. It was named after their founder Jacob Stem. In May of 1839 the village was surveyed and officially named Greenspring. It received its name from the color of the water in the spring north of the village.

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