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Whether you're interested in art or historical monuments, we have what you're looking for. Check out one of our public art and monuments tours. 

 Frost Parkway Walking Tour

1   Tiffin Police & Fire All Patriots Memorial

In August 2011, Tiffin was selected to receive a piece of the World Trade Centers. Our police and fire departments raised over $375,000 for the memorial and it was dedicated on September 9, 2012.

The beam is set at a 9.11 degree angle and is shaped like the Pentagon with the opening where it had been attacked. Behind the memorial, the Callery pear tree matches the Survivor Tree in NYC. The post to the rear of the monument is for Flight 93 and sits 40 inches high for each of the passengers and crew, while the dirt mound symbolizes the crash site. The number M-18 is the investigator’s ID number. The memorial is also inscribed with names of first responders who have fallen in the line of duty.

2    Tiffin Veterans Memorial Bridge

This monument is dedicated to all the brave men and women who served our country.


The largest and most prominent monument in the area, it was dedicated on July 3, 1885. At first, it was planned for the Courthouse lawn, but the majority voted to place it along Frost Parkway & Water Street. In this area are the World War I Monument, the World War II Monument, and the Korean War Monument. The Vietnam Memorial Monument was dedicated on March 30, 2017 for local veterans and the 27 men who lost their lives. The extra money raised for the memorial was placed in a fund to fix other war memorials in the area and create a college scholarship.


This tree sprouted in the 1800s and was near or within the site of the original Fort Ball. Fort Ball, completed in July of 1813, was built on the west banks of the Sandusky River at what today is Miami Street in Tiffin.

5       Indian Maiden

The Indian Maiden statue was unveiled on October 11, 1926 and was built from funds donated by Meschech Frost. Before his death, he provided those funds for the beautification of the riverbank. Previously Water Street, it was renamed Frost Parkway in his honor.
The statue itself honors the Native Americans and soldiers present during the construction of Fort Ball during the War of 1812. It was cast and created by Leonard Crunelle, whose work has been featured nationwide. The statue was restored and cleaned in 2014.

 Universities Walking Tour


1            The Rising

A towering sculpture done by Bret Price, “The Rising” was a gift from James F. Dicke. Dicke donated hundreds of artworks to the university along with funds to buy the Octagon House near campus.

2    A Walk with Granddad

Sculptor Donald Lundstrom was commissioned with the task of creating a statue of P.M. and Michael Gillmor and was dedicated on June 24, 2006.

3           Essence of Liberal Arts

In 2008, sculptor Erik Blome created the piece of art that stands in the middle of the Heidelberg campus in front of the Gillmor Science Building.  This towering sculpture has four depictions that help describe the life at Heidelberg University: the variety of sports that the university offers, a class in the midst of a science experiment, student life in the midst of the campus, and finer arts.  The metal sculpture was a gift from the class of 1958.

1       Music Mural
A mural was completed in the fall of 2015 by students overseen by  Joseph Van Kerkhove as a tribute to the Music Department. This was the first project on campus completed by an art team.

2       A River of Change 
Located outside of the Hayes Art Building at Tiffin University, “A River of Change” was erected on April 27, 2001. Created by Judith Greavu, the piece of glass weighs 20 pounds and the entire sculpture, set in bronze, weighs 970 pounds. The funding for the sculpture was from the National Machinery Foundation of Tiffin. 

City Art Walking Tour

1       Squirrels

In 2005, the city of Tiffin decided to start a theme of squirrel statues throughout the town.  Each of the 25 squirrel statues were bought by a business and decorated to the business’s history or liking. Six squirrels remain, some on private property. The two main squirrels still in view for the public are downtown.  They are located next to the Ritz Theatre and Elmwood Assisted Living.

2      Mural City Lot #7

Located on the north wall the Supance and Howard Building, a mural was painted to honor and give tribute to Tiffin and Ohio.  The mural was commissioned by Leadership Seneca County as part of the Tiffin Downtown Strategic Plan. The artist is Kymberlee Wood. The mural on City Lot #7 is depicted into frames or arches.  The first arch is a tribute to Tiffin, while the third one tributes Ohio.  The middle arch or frame is a depiction of 1950s Tiffin.

3 William Harvey Gibson

On the Seneca County Courthouse lawn stands the thirty-foot statue of William Harvey Gibson.  The statue was created by James B. King and was erected by the Hughes Granite and Marble Co.  On the base of the statue is a depiction of President William McKinley delivering the eulogy at General Gibson’s funeral.  Another depiction on a plaque mounted on the monument shows General Gibson giving his famous speech in Melmore, Ohio in 1843.

William Harvey Gibson was born in Jefferson County on May 16, 1821.  Before the year was over, Gibson moved to Seneca County.  As a young man he was a carpenter and helped his father.  Eventually he went to Ashland College to study law.  He helped organize the Republican Party in Ohio. 

4 Home from the Library

“Home from The Library” was erected to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the founding of the library.  The statue, made of cement, shows a little boy pulling a wagon with a little girl reading a book.  The statue was dedicated on September 17, 2000.  The sculptor for this piece is Don Lundstrom. The statue was paid for by the Hixon Fund in Memory of Robert Hixon.   

5 Josiah Hedges

Erected around January 10,1940, the Josiah Hedges statue stands at about twelve feet tall. The statue was originally located on the courthouse lawn until it was moved to Hedges-Boyer Park.  The statue was given as a gift to the county from the late Dr. Frank E. M. Baldwin, the grandson of Josiah Hedges.  White Georgia Marble was used in creating the statue, while granite was used for the base.  Sculpted by Edward M. Knoblaugh of Toledo.


Religious Monuments Walking Tour

St. Francis Senior Ministries, 182 St. Francis Ave., Tiffin

St. Francis Statue & original Sacred Heart Statue

The statues of St. Francis and the original Sacred Heart Statue were unveiled in 1944 in observance of the Diamond Jubilee of the founding of the community. The original Sacred Heart Statue was destroyed by an F-3 tornado on November 10, 2002.

St. Clare Statue (“Gaze Upon the Land”)
The 300-pound bronze statue of St. Clare is located near the grotto. The statue, sculpted by Joe Anne Cousino and her son, Richard, was commissioned for the Sisters of St. Francis and was dedicated on October 3, 1999.

Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Bernadette Soubirous
These statues are located within the grotto in the St. Francis community, built in summer 1901 by several seminarians and orphan boys—supervised by Father Jacob Eugster—from Josephinum in Columbus. The grotto, based off of the grotto in Lourdes, France, was completed in 1902 and blessed by the Father on May 4, 1904.

St. Joseph Catholic Church, 36 Melmore St, Tiffin

St. Joseph holding Child Jesus

Located in the front of St. Joseph’s church is the statue of St. Joseph holding the Child Jesus.  This statue was dedicated on June 13, 2009. 

Our Lady of Victory and St. Joseph Statues

The statues of Our Lady of Victory and St. Joseph Statues are located in front of the Holy Family Hall or the convent at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.

St. Mary Catholic Church, 85 S. Sandusky St, Tiffin

Blessed Mother of Jesus    

Donated in memory of Theresa Martorana, the statue of the Blessed Mother of Jesus is located in the St. Mary’s Catholic Church’s garden near to the St. Christopher bird bath statue.

Blessed Virgin Mary

Located in the courtyard between St. Mary’s Catholic Church and the Powerhouse is the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This statue was blessed on August 15, 2013 on the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. Landscaping was done by Dan Vera and the Mohawk Nursery.


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