Seneca County Geo Trail

Your Next Geocaching Adventure begins in Seneca County.  

The Seneca County Geo Trail sends you on the ultimate treasure hunt throughout the county. Along the way you may find some path tags, discover new places, and create lasting memories. Completion of the trail will earn you a unique Geocache Coin!

Geocaching 101

There are millions of cleverly hidden containers called geocaches placed in almost every country in the world, just waiting to be found—there are probably some near you right now! 

All you need is a GPS enabled device and a sense of adventure to get you going on the hunt!  Take your smart device and download the Geocaching App (or scan the QR code to the left), create an account, and then you are ready to roll!  

You can find the Seneca County Geo Trail in the app!

Seneca County Geo Trail Details

We are so excited for you to complete the Seneca County Geo Trail and explore all that Seneca County has to offer.  Below you will find the official trail passport and everything you should need to complete the trail and have an awesome time doing so! 

 There are 20 caches along the trail.  To earn the official Seneca County Geo Trail coin, you will need to complete 15 out of the 20 caches. After finding the code words in each cache, please complete the passport found below.  You have the option to mail in your physical passport or simply complete it online.  After your submitted code words are verified, your goodies will be sent your way!  Happy Hunting!

**Please Note: We have given out all of the available pathtags, but still have coins remaining! JUst complete 15/20 caches to get yours!**

Seneca County Geo Trail Passport

Online Passport

Physical Passport to Download 

Seneca County Geo Trail Cache List 

SCGT #1: Fly Me High (GC9FNPJ)

SCGT #2: Twist and Shout! (GC9FNPY)

SCGT #3: On a Firm Foundation (GC9FNQ0)

SCGT #4: Some Spare Time (GC9FNQ3)

SCGT #5: Cheers! (GC9FNPQ)

SCGT #6: Strolling in Fostoria (Adventure Lab)

SCGT #7: All Aboard! (GC9FNPV)

SCGT #8: Welcome to Tiffin! (GC9FNYT)

SCGT #9: Dragon's Lair (GC9G0NK)

SCGT #10: All the World is a Stage (GC9G1B8)

SCGT #11: Discover Tiffin (Adventure Lab)

SCGT #12: Nose to the Grindstone (GC9FNWT)

SCGT #13: Guarding the Prince (GC9G1B5)

SCGT #14: A Colorful History (GC9FNQ5)

SCGT #15: Down on the Farm (GC9FNQ8)

SCGT #16: Just a Short Hike (GC9G2GK)

SCGT #17: Seneca Caverns (GC9G1PD)

SCGT #18: Lincoln Logs (GC9G2GQ)

SCGT #19: Go Low at Garlo (GC9G1BC)

SCGT #20: Start Your Engines! (GC9FNQB)

Seneca County Geo Trail Launch Events

Thank you so much to everyone who attended the Seneca County Geo Trail Kick-Off events and to everyone who helped make this trail and event possible!  We had an awesome turnout with 75+ people from all over Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New York, and more to help celebrate the trail!  The #SCGT is now officially live, so get hunting!

While completing the trail, make sure to check out all of the great things in Seneca County!  For a complete list of where to shop, eat, stay, and explore along with a full map of the county, check out our visitors guide! 

Check it out! 

Official Seneca County Geo Trail Geo coin you can earn by completing the trail! 

Some "Tiffin Themed" caches that have been made for the trail!

The Seneca County Geo Trail made the news! 

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