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Welcome to the official page for everything Tiffin 200, Celebrating the city of Tiffin's Bicentennial!  Please explore to learn about the rich history of Tiffin, OH and where the city has been and where the city is going.  Be sure to join us for our signature Tiffin 200 events being held throughout the bicentennial year and take part in the special offers from local businesses and partners to help you commemorate this monumental milestone. 

Bicentennial Events 


Where is Hedges Hiding? Photo Contest

In honor of Tiffin's Bicentennial, Founder of Tiffin, Josiah Hedges, has decided to make an appearance for the 200th birthday celebration. The catch is, he can be a little shy and tries to hide from fellow Tiffinites. This event will RUN ALL YEAR!  Your job is to figure out where Hedges is hiding! There will be a life-size cut out of Tiffin's own, Josiah Hedges, that will be placed at different events, organizations, and businesses throughout the year 2022.


Signature Events

More details for each specific event coming soon! 

Proclamation: March 25th, 2022 

Enjoy an evening at The Ritz Theatre to hear an official proclamation from Mayor Montz and go back in time as 1822 reminiscents are shared about what Tiffin was at its beginning.  There will be lots happening and you will not want to miss out!  Begins at 6pm. 

Fourth of July + Bicentennial Celebration: July 4th, 2022

More vendors, bigger fireworks, louder music, and a special performance from Darryl Worley from 8pm-9:30pm! Bring the whole family to celebrate America's birthday and the Tiffin Bicentennial all in one!

Farm to Table Dinner: August 17th, 2022

Come together with Seneca County Common Ground for some delicious food grown right here by local producers in our own backyard.  The event will take place at The Chandelier Community Event Center and Feature Lonny Gatlin of Bellwether Farms as the guest chef!

Heritage Festival Parade: September 17th, 2022

Line the streets and alert the town, a parade is coming through! While highlighting local   businesses and organizations as well as a tribute to the City's history, this parade will make you boast with pride for Tiffin.

The Year of Tiffin 200 Celebration: December 29th, 2022

The final event in the year of Tiffin 200, come see all that has happened to celebrate the bicentennial and how far Tiffin has come in 200 years.  See pictures, share stories, and stop in to cap off a year to remember! 

Partner Events

Tiffin-Seneca Public Library Community Read: At the Edge of the Orchard by Tracey Chevalier - Events throughout April, see flyer below for more info

Happy Birthday Tiffin Storytime at Tiffin-Seneca Public Library - May 17th, 2022, 10am

Third Thursday: Downtown Tiffin Birthday Party - June 16th, 2022

Bicentennial Summer Stroll - June 25th, 2022


 History of Tiffin

The City of Tiffin, Ohio, is proud of its heritage and what makes Tiffin one of the best communities in which to live, work and play, and stay. Tiffin is a city in and the county seat of Seneca County, Ohio, United States. The population was 18,000 at the 2010 census. The National Arbor Day Foundation has designated Tiffin as a Tree City USA. It is the Home of Heidelberg University and Tiffin University. At one time it was noted as a glass and porcelain-manufacturing center. The history of Tiffin dates back to 1812. The familiar bronze statue of “The Indian Maiden” on Frost Parkway, near Miami Street, marks the site of Fort Ball, which was a military depot of the war of 1812. Fighting an engagement of that war, Eratus Bowe first sighted the location upon which Tiffin now stands. In 1817, he returned to the site and built his Pan Yan Tavern, which later became a stagecoach stop, on the north Sandusky River. Early homesteaders followed soon after Bowe, and the settlement of Oakley sprang up around the Pan Yan. The main traveled road of the area followed the path of the stagecoaches through Oakley, which was called Fort Ball after 1824. 


In 1820, Josiah Hedges purchased a piece of land on the south bank of the river opposite Oakley and founded another settlement. He named this village “Tiffin” in honor of Edward Tiffin, first governor of Ohio and later member of the United States Senate, and a man who had fought to finally win statehood for the Ohio Territory in 1803. Tiffin was incorporated by an act of the Ohio Legislature on March 7, 1835. These two communities, split by the Sandusky River, were rivals; however, in 1850, seeing that later their interests lay together, the villages merged to form Tiffin, with Fort Ball becoming a part of Tiffin in March of that year. In 1824, with the establishment of Seneca County by the Ohio Legislature, Tiffin became a county seat. The county took its name from the Seneca Indians, who originally were native to the territory. The discovery of natural gas in the vicinity in 1888 gave new momentum to the city’s industries; new enterprises located in Tiffin, making it a prosperous industrial city. 

We will be having history of Tiffin stories posted throughout the year 2022 to learn more about our rich history! 


Bicentennial Offers

 Hawkes Crystal 

Simply Susan's

Stop in to Simply Susan's where you can get the official Tiffin Bicentennial logo on items of your choosing! From t-shirts to tumblrs to keychains, you can celebrate Tiffin 200 in so many ways! 


Tiffin 200 Building Plaque

The land purchased by Josiah Hedges on the east side of the Sandusky River was plotted and designated as Tiffin.  On March 25, 1822, the Ohio Legislature authorized a commission to establish the formation of Tiffin as the county seat of the future Seneca County. This has been recognized as the beginning of the town called Tiffin, Ohio.

Text on the plaque is to be relative to the building. The content should be limited to the construction time period and style of the building, plus building history such as naming of builder/designer/architect, initial occupancy, unique architectural or historical features, historical events relative to the building, and legacy (50 years or more) occupancy. Text will be reviewed by the Plaque sub-committee of the Tiffin 200 Committee for relevance and accuracy.

  • Cost $50.00, estimated delivery early 2022
  • Application forms may be obtain from
  • Tiffin 200 c/o James Stultz
  • 4523 N County Road 43
  • Tiffin, OH 44883-9687
  • Phone: 419-618-2240
  • Email: jim.stultz.js@gmail.com


First Settlers of Tiffin


We Want You! 

Are you a descendent of a Tiffin First Settler?  If your ancestor settled in current Tiffin and Clinton Township before the end of 1830, come forward to be recognized and celebrate with us during the bicentennial! 

We would like to recognize any of the descendants of the Tiffin community who were in Tiffin, Fort Ball and Clinton Township before 1830.  To help make it easy to participate, we have created a list of over 500 people who were here at that time.  Check it out!

Early Settlers List


Check out this presentation from the Seneca County Genealogical Society - "Identifying and Honoring the First Settlers of Tiffin and Clinton Township up to 1831" | Presented by: Becky Hill, First Settlers Project Chair

View Presentation Here

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