The Farm That Feeds the Soul: Focus on Personal Growth at the Award-Winning Winterberry Farm

January 01, 2021

Steeped in nature and history, Winterberry Farm is quickly becoming recognized as a destination that dissipates the stress of our modern world while celebrating our local past.

The farm came into being with a land grant signed by President James Monroe and was built in the 1830s. The barn was revitalized in the 1920s with the existing Greek Revival architecture, along with improvements to the house and the addition of several outbuildings.

At the 2020 Downtown Summit Awards Celebration, Heritage Ohio named Winterberry Farm the Historic Farmstead of the Year.  This award is presented to the historic farmstead which best embodies the marriage of modern agricultural practices with historic buildings, or the innovative reuse of historic agricultural buildings.

Upon visiting Winterberry Farm, it was no surprise why Winterberry Farm won the prestigious award.

Sabrina Schneppat, founder and creative director of Winterberry Farm, purchased the farm in 2017 and has been rejuvenating it ever since.

Schneppat got her appreciation of history from her parents who grew up in Europe. That love is what led her to purchase and preserve Winterberry Farm. “There are so many things in our community I wish we could have saved,” she said. “When they’re gone, they’re gone.”

The craftsmanship, unique architecture, and tranquil setting are what drew Schneppat to Winterberry Farm. That and its historic significance are why she is protective of it and its growth.  “I feel like the guardian of this property for this moment in time,” Schneppat said.  “I would like to share the farm in ways that are meaningful to me and respect and honor its essence.”

There are four main areas of interest that Schneppat would like to focus on for events at the farm:  art and creativity, feeding the Spirit, creating a community of the heart, and living in harmony with nature.

Born and raised in Tiffin, Schneppat spent twenty years in L.A.’s creative community as an actor, writer, singer, songwriter, and photographer. She intends to foster that creative spirit here as well. She envisions hosting creative workshops and eventually adult summer camps.

 “Creativity and art is the interface between our inner world and the outer world.  It is a way to discover more deeply who we are," she said. 

Earning her master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology was a defining time in Schneppat’s life.  “It changed the trajectory of my life in such a positive and meaningful way.  It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself,” she said. "Living an authentic life that is aligned with our Spirit takes courage and I support people in that endeavor.”

Schneppat plans to offer workshops that teach participants to free themselves of limitations they’ve inherited and learned, along with ways to feed their souls and inspire.

“Growth comes from the inside out,” she said. “We all have a calling, our own spark of divinity, to give to the world.  With so much negativity and destructiveness in the world it’s important to find places and people that feed and nurture us in positive ways.  The farm does that for me.” 

With this in mind, Schneppat is striving to build a positive community at Winterberry Farm.  She plans to invite leaders and visionaries to provide classes and workshops to guests and Tiffin residents alike.

Another pillar of awareness Schneppat would like to cultivate through the farm is an appreciation for our symbiotic relationship with the planet. The vision for Winterberry Farm is that it return to being all organic, She intends on using its 31 acres to be sustainable and GMO-free.

“We’re meant to live in harmony with nature. While technology has benefits to offer humankind, I believe we are suffering the consequences of having lost touch with the earth and the natural world. I intend to use the farm as a place to reconnect with that ancient wisdom," she said.

Among other things, Schneppat aims to organize wellness camps including yoga, meditation, and farm-to-table dinners featuring healthy, organic foods that are sourced locally.

By nurturing the environment and living in harmony with nature, fostering creativity and personal growth, and doing all of it in a setting that feeds the soul, Schneppat hopes that people of all ages and backgrounds will wish to share in the Spirit of Winterberry Farm.

“We have plenty of organizations for like-minded people. My vision is to create a place for like-hearted people to come together,” she said.

The Farm is also available for private events such as weddings, corporate and team-building events, group tours and luncheons, or to those looking for a place to host a sacred, enriching experience. Because it is also her private home and a working farm, visitors wishing to make a stop at Winterberry Farm should contact Schneppat first at for availability and to discuss and answer any questions.

Visit the website for more information at   To follow the day-to-day restoration you can follow Winterberry Farm on Facebook or be inspired at Instagram.

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