History Comes Alive at The Civil War Museum of Ohio

October 19, 2022

Step back in time at the Civil War Museum of Ohio. From the life-sized cannons out front to the welcoming staff as you walk through the doors, watch history come to life. The Tiffin Civil War museum is a volunteer-run museum located in Downtown Tiffin that is excited to share with you the facts and stories of the Civil War. Originally built in 1915 as a local post office, the Tiffin Civil War museum has served the community of Tiffin with a unique Civil War educational experience for over 10 years. 

 The American Civil War Museum of Ohio is a non-profit organization that strives to collect, preserve, and interpret the American Civil War and its impact on the current American society. The museum allows you to fully understand and experience the story of our nation's greatest conflict. Inside, the museum offers eight exhibit rooms with hands-on exhibits for adults and children that are designed to enhance your experience and knowledge of the Civil War and Ohio's role in it. 

 Each exhibit within the museum features a different aspect of the war, starting with “The Road to War”, and ending with “The War ends.” Other exhibits featured are The War Begins, Life of a Soldier, The First Modern War, Medicine, and Life at Home. Each exhibit room features readings, artifacts, and activities to help put you into the history itself. Along with the exhibit rooms, the museum provides visitors with an opportunity to visit the library, which holds hundreds of civil war themed books, as well as a theater room that displays a 20-minute documentary, "Ohio's Role in the Civil War," produced by the American Civil War Museum of Ohio.

The museum would not be possible without the support of the community, as well as the countless volunteers who work hard to bring the most memorable experience to its visitors. These volunteers work very hard to bring a smile to each of the faces that walk through their doors, and hope to build connections and memories that will last a lifetime. While the museum is typically self-guided, accommodations for group tours can be made on their website.

History will come alive at the Civil War Museum of Ohio. Come explore everything it has to offer and leave with a better understanding of this monumental event in our nation's history and a greater appreciation for our beloved state of Ohio for the part it played. For more information about the museum, you can visit their website at: ACWMO.com.

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