Secrets of Seneca County Historical Driving Tour | Amsden Church

Secrets of Seneca County Historical Driving Tour | Amsden Church

April 01, 2024

Embark on a captivating journey through the wondrous past of Seneca County, Ohio, with the Secrets of Seneca County Historical Driving Tour! The next stop on the journey is: Amsden Church (8180 W County Rd 28, Fostoria, OH 44830, Stop #9)

The Amsden United Methodist Church was built in 1890 with bricks donated by William Ash, an early settler and life-long resident. Its unique feature is a memorial to local soldiers who served the Union Army during the Civil War. This consists of a statue of a soldier at parade rest at the front (north side) of the Church. Tradition tells us that Urias Sour, an Amsden resident who served as a drummer boy in the 55th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, served as the model for this statue. Three stain-glass windows set within the church façade surround the statue. The two on either side contain badges of the corps presenting those in which the local soldiers served. A circular window above the statue contains two crossed American flags surrounded by 22 blue diamonds, which represent the loyal Union States. The two lower triangular windows on either side contain a badge representing the W.R.C. (The Women’s Relief Corps, a women’s auxiliary of the Grand Army of the Republic) and the SUVCW (Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War).

Amsden United Methodist Church is still in operation today and is known as a small, country, and family oriented church. You can expect music styles such as traditional hymns, contemporary, and hillsong-style. The church also offers programs that include, but are not limited to, youth groups, missions, community service opportunities, children's ministry, and more!

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