Beaver Creek Reservoir

 Beaver Creek Reservoir is an upground reservoir owned by the city of Clyde; water is supplied to the reservoir by a pump station located on Beaver Creek, just south of the reservoir. Completed in 1971 as part of the Northwest Ohio Water Development Plan, it was built to provide water for industrial and municipal use, as well as recreation. 

Beaver Creek Reservoir has a surface area of 110 acres at maximum water level and a storage capacity of approximately 692 million gallons. The deepest section of the reservoir is in the conservation pool, which occupies about 25% of the reservoir. The conservation pool is designed to provide refuge for fish in case water is drawn down significantly. Beaver Creek Reservoir has a maximum depth of 38 feet, located due west of the boat ramp near the western shoreline. The reservoir has an average depth of about 19 feet. 

As a whole, the reservoir has a high average depth, so there is limited shallow water. There is some shallower water with aquatic vegetation in the southeastern corner of the reservoir, however. Beaver Creek Reservoir is open to public fishing through a cooperative agreement between the City of Clyde and the ODNR Division of Wildlife.


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