Howard Collier State Nature Preserve

This natural area, located on the Sandusky State Scenic River, was originally acquired as a Scenic River area. In addition to the large wooded riverine corridor, with an excellent floodplain community containing large oaks, sycamore, ash, tulip and cottonwoods, the area also has an impressive amount of relief.

The trail follows the ridgetop and then drops dramatically over the hillside to the floodplain of the Sandusky River. This woods contain numerous large beech trees as well as a spectacular diversity of spring wildflowers including sharp-lobed hepatica, Dutchman's breeches, squirrel-corn, three trillium species, twinleaf, white and yellow trout-lily and marsh marigold.

The display of marsh marigolds and skunk cabbage found in the floodplain is particularly striking in early May. The site is named in honor of former state budget director, Howard Collier.

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