J.B. Twisters Ice Cream


335 W. Lytle St.
Fostoria, OH 44830

Open mid-Jan.- mid-Oct.

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Formally Roblics, they've been in business since 1989, selling a variety of ice cream and sandwich products. They are known for their Fostoria famous chili dog.....the Kelley Hot Dog. They have a large number of other sandwiches some of which include shredded chicken, beef steak burger, sloppy joe, BBQ beef and footlongs. They also serve a variety of soups daily until the end of March. They have soft serve vanilla, chocolate, orange sherbet combinations, and daily frozen yogurt flavors. They open the 3rd week of January and close the 3rd week of October. 335 W. Lytle is the same street as Rt. 12 on the south end of Fostoria.

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