The Deli Cafe at Frost Village

The Deli at Frost Village is a New York-style deli featuring metro quality products. Keeping with a New York style, The Deli Café at Frost Village features hot soups, fresh salads  by the pound, locally baked goods, two-fisted deli sandwiches made with custom cut bread from the Detroit Bread Co., and meats and cheeses from Metro Deli.  Other local items on the menu include AJ’s house dressing, Ballreich’s potato chips (MST & Jolly’s), Ralph’s coffee, and Freeze Dried Ohio.  In addition to dining-in, customers may order menu items “to-go” as well as loaves of fresh bread, sliced deli meats and cheeses by the pound. 

The deli’s 12 employees are referred to as “artists” as they prepare food on a stage for customers to view in sight.  Inside, the dining room seats 48 with a plan to add boutique umbrella style tables outdoors with 24 more seats.


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