The Tiffin Brewery

We are closing the building to customers for two weeks for the sake of our children and the communities safety at large. It doesn’t mean we are not open to serve you though, but we need everyone to understand the this is the new carry out spot. Pull on up, give us a honk (or call or FB message) if we didn’t see you pull up and we will come to your vehicle. 

We will be selling 12oz and 24oz bottles in this fashion to go of all our available beers. We are in the process of making a drive up menu and are getting a phone number to contact for beer service.

Starting March 24, we will also be taking custom prepaid phone orders for NEXT DAY DELIVERY of bottled beer only. It’s time to bring beer right to your door. 2 things though, orders MUST be paid for by credit card AND someone 21 or older must present ID to receive the order from the driver. ***For driver safety they will NOT be carrying cash.*** We are looking at a range similar to Fort Ball Pizza Palace and we will have a nominal delivery fee to cover driver services. There will also be a minimum 12 - 12oz bottle minimum per order for a delivery option.

Growler Fills and Growler Sales are suspended and NOT an option for the next two weeks. The growler stations are being dedicated to bottling and were not designed to bottle to the capacity we are now using it for. On the plus side, you know the bottles will be sealed with the freshest beer and stay that way till you pop the cap. Be patient, we are looking into better quantity bottling options to keep our growler fill towers for growlers only again.

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