Winterberry Farm & Event Center

A day at Winterberry Farm is like a trip to another place. Tucked away, a half mile off the main road, this bucolic farm is surrounded by meadows, fields, and woodlands. You can feel the outside world melt away as you are enveloped in its magic.

Winterberry Farm is history at it finest harkening back to a land grant signed by President James Monroe. Nestled along the Sandusky River where Native Americans once lived and traveled, it is just South of where Fort Seneca protected settlers traveling through the Ohio Territory.

The house and barn were built in the 1830’s at a time when the area was still untamed frontier. Both have survived to tell the tale. Survived is the appropriate word as the farm went on the auction block two years ago and faced demolition by those who wanted to tear down the “old” buildings in favor of new construction. As fate would have it, the farm is now slowly but surely being brought back to life to be shared with guests from all over who wish to share in its heritage.

The first phase of their restoration, the barn, is almost complete. This stunning piece of architecture is truly unique. Built from hand-hewn, native timbers approaching two hundred years in construction and likely another hundred in their growth, the barn went through a facelift in the 1920’s when the glorious Greek Revival detail was added to compliment the house and other eight outbuildings including a carriage house, machinery shed, brooder and hatchery, two adorable chicken coups, and the buildings that form the courtyard area. Truly it is a masterpiece as demonstrated through the architectural blueprints (left) from notable, local architect George Netcher.

As funds become available, each building will be lovingly restored adding to the possibilities of sharing the beauty here at the farm. Know that the funds generated by Celebrations here at the farm, will go towards it restoration and giving back to the community and world.



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